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Triathlon & Running
Fitness & Wellness
Triathlon & Running
Specialty: Triathlon & Running
$150 Set-Up Fee - None Refundable (First Time Athletes)
  • First Time consultation
  • Training Plan Layout
  • Training Peaks Set-Up
  • Goal Setting
I specialize in assisting people to get started in the sport and helping new triathletes reach the next level of performance. 
First Time Triathlete: 12-16 Weeks
This Specialty program is designed for the first time triathletes with the objective of educating the athlete with the tools needed to successfully complete their first Triathlon. We will evaluate your goals and tailor your training plan to meet those goals. We will perform a fitness evaluation, which encompasses a basic swimming, running and cycling field test to discover your base-line fitness and determine heart rates zones; other included services: Education - Transitions, Racing Rules and equipment consultation just to name a few. You will have phone, SKYPE, email and texting access to the coach week to week. This program is more hands on with your coach!
All workouts are posted on Training Peaks!  
Online Program: 
The online training program is geared toward an individual that needs little one-on-one involvement from the coach but need direction and training plan expertise. Together we will determine your goals and find the best solution to achieve them. One weekly phone and/or SKYPE session is included to evaluate your progress and adjustments to your program accordingly. You will also have weekly email access to the coach.
All workouts are posted on Training Peaks  
The PERFORMANCE online training program is geared toward the more serious athlete that prefers more one-on-one involvement from the coach. The goal of this program is all about PR. Together we will determine your goals and find the best solution to achieve them. Unlimited phone and email contact is included to help fine tune your program.
All workouts are posted on Training Peaks  
RUNNING - One Sport Programs
All workouts are posted on Training Peaks  

Choose your Goal
This program is for the first time runner or athletes that have been sidelined for awhile. You want to get back in shape and need more detailed correspondence and encouragement. This program is designed around helping to achieve your goal and all the while learning how to generate positive health and wellness habits that can be used for a lifetime.
5K & 10K:
This program is for the next step athlete, who is looking to become a better runner and prepping for their next “A” race. You may have been running for years but want to mix it up to reach new heights, this is a great option.
Half Marathon & Marathon:
You are gaining confidence and looking for a new challenges. Half marathon and marathon is a great goal to shoot for. All programs are designed around your goals; whether it’s just to finish or PR.  
The flexibility of week to week is best used to fine tune your running plan for an upcoming race. We will review your current training plan and make suggestions and help implement those recommendations. * Training Peaks will not be used unless you already have an account. 

One-on-One coaching sessions: $75.00 per hour billed on the ½ hr.
One-on-One Training includes, but not limited to, One-on-One Training, Transitions, Track session, Evaluations and Program and Goal evaluation session.

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