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Triathlon & Running
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Our goal is to take our clients from where they are and safely take them to where they want to be. This is not achieved by having one plan for every person. We pride ourselves on evaluating your goals and fitness level and tailoring a plan just for YOU!
Triathlon program design is formatted in such a way to benefit local and long distance athletes. With internet or smartphone accessibility you will be able obtain your personal workouts anywhere in the world. 
Personal training programs and services are mostly local, but we have options for on-line personal weight training and cardio programs to assist you with weight loss and much more.
For Woman only…. I do not train woman one-on-one. This is done to protect our client and the integrity of the relationship.   I recommend “Buddy System” workouts, they have huge advantages!  One is that you can get a discount on every session without sacrificing the quality. Another advantage is faster results due to consistency by having an accountability partner. This policy includes personal training, testing, in-person evaluations and consultations.
We offer several different options to meet your fitness goals. Click on the option to the left that best suits your need.


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