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When I started training for my first triathlon, I didn't really know what to expect. I had done quite a bit of running over the years, but had never seriously swam or bicycled. All three sports together were really unfamiliar territory and I knew I needed guidance through it. I was really blessed to have Robby Robbins of FAITH athletics help me prepare. His knowledge of the sport and faith helped encourage me, keep me on track and helped me keep things in perspective.

With Robby's help, I went from training sporadically and always doing the familiar workouts to having a purpose and being pushed farther than I usually went. It was great to have a variety of workouts that built upon each other and that were working together for a goal. It worked well for me to have someone lay out what training needed to be done on a day by day schedule. I felt like I was being pushed to go to the next level frequently, for which I am thankful. This was the reason I sought his help in the beginning.

As I began training, I had many questions. It was great to have Robby there. He was patient with me, took the time to answer my questions and explained the mechanics / background of the sports and shared the "tricks of the trade," especially concerning race day. Robby not only shared "book" knowledge about training and racing, but had a lot of personal experience to go along with it. Although we lived several hours apart, through an online training program, e-mails and frequent phone calls, there was good communication between us. It was surprising how smoothly everything worked from a distance. 

I am very satisfied with the training I received through FAITH athletics. The training has given me confidence in racing and future training. I am excited for a new season of races.

- Michael from McKinney Tx

ON-LINE Training Workouts

I have taken several sessions with the Gym trainer and was turned off by the experience. I was hoping this was not like that, and I was pleasantly surprised. Robby has a passion for training and you can tell from the first interview. He provides a tremendous level of personal attention for each workout he designs specifically for you. I was able to get a tailor made workout emailed to me before my next week’s workout. If I had any questions about it, he was able to answer them quickly. Those workouts pushed me as hard as I wanted (maybe a little more), and it was highly effective. I could see definite improvement in the scales and with each exercise week to week! Robby was not pushy, but did push me. He also changed the workouts so it was not the same old exercise each week, which takes the ‘routine’ out of the workout routine. He answered every question I had without giving me a generic answer. He knows what he is doing and you can tell he loves it. It is great to see the progress when I look back.
- Steve from Missouri City

We can be contacted via phone 713-899-4241 or email robby@faith-athletics.com
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