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Fitness & Wellness


Buddy System Workout: The Buddy System Workout combines the benefits of a personal trainer session with many aspects of Boot Camp. The benefits are fantastic! It will help you increase your body metabolism (which means burn more FAT) develop strength, flexibility and stability.
Buddy System Workouts Save YOU 37% compared to a one-on-one Personal Training Session and promotes accountability to reach YOUR fitness goals. 
Great for women, couples, pre-wedding and hard core guy workouts! Style is based on your goals.  
$75 per session ($37.50 ea. Person) Minimum one month
Options: once, twice or three times a week
PRE-WEDDING: 3 month minimum and ask about special pricing just for engaged couples!
On-Line Personal Training:
You may not need or want a personal trainer but you need a GAME PLAN, this option is for you.  We will identify your goals and design a workout program just for YOU based on YOUR goals.  Your specialized workout program will be emailed to you.   These programs focus on cardiovascular fitness, weight training, core strength and stability.   
Personal Training:
  $60.00 per hour  
$75 1Hr. Individual consultation
$25.00 Shopping Tour Min 4 people
$250.00 in home & Shopping Tour


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